Transfer Station

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Transfer station
Disposing of all types of waste
0116 266 7497

Our transfer station allows our customer to get rid of their waste, including hazardous, materials.

We’ve got it covered

Environmental Agency permit

technicians available

Computerised weighbridge

Our transfer station is open six days a week with on-site assistance from our skilled team. We are ready to receive all waste, even hazardous materials, which is automatically passed through our computerised weighbridge.

Once this has happened, the waste will make its way to its end point of disposal, such as an incinerator, hazardous waste facility or to a recycling plant. As strong advocates of environmental policies, we are constantly seeking more eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste.

Convenience for small businesses

Safe disposal of hazardous waste

Fully licensed for peace of mind

Get more information on our transfer station by calling 
0116 266 7497

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